13 May 2014 // 1 comment(s)

It's been a year and four months since I took an unexpected hiatus from this blog without so much as an explanation to my readers. Long story short: I had slipped further into depression due to stress, being unemployed, and family drama. All of those things caused me to lose interest in blogging because I really didn't have anything positive to write about.

But a lot has changed in the past year and four months. I started seeing a therapist not long after being hospitalized for trying to commit suicide and she advised me to take the necessary steps in relieving me of my stress at home; starting with my parents (who were the main source of my stress, anxiety, and anger.) I moved out and lived with a couple friends and am currently working two jobs and am saving every penny--that I'm not spending on rent and bills--to move to The Big Apple with my best friend. And while I barely have time to do anything else but work, I prefer it this way because I'm now constantly busy and am no longer stuck in a rut.

Also back in September of 2013, I started the process of transitioning back to my natural hair texture. I let my relaxer grow out for five months before I'd decided to get a protective style to grow my hair out further on my journey to having long, natural, kinky hair. I had been thinking of going natural for months beforehand and one random day, I made the decision to not touch-up my relaxer and the rest is history. I wore box-braids from February to May and when I took them out, my hair had grown an inch and a half and I was so stoked.

I also had a birthday this month. This past Sunday (yes, on Mother's Day,) I celebrated the twenty-third anniversary of my birth. This birthday turned out to be the best one I've ever had because I was determined to make it so. I celebrated the whole weekend, from the 9th-the 11th with my closest friends. Friday I spoiled myself with a little shopping spree and then took my braids out. Saturday, my best friend's sister re-did my braids. Then my friends and I had dinner, got drunk, went to a bar, danced all night, and I even met/danced with/made out with/exchanged numbers with a hot guy.

On Sunday (my actual birthday/Mother's Day,) I slept off my hangover and then went to a nice dinner at Olive Garden with my dad.

2014 has been really good to me so far and I have no one to thank but God.

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